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The attorneys at Sternfield Law are dedicated to providing high-quality real estate legal representation to individuals and businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large public companies, in California, Colorado, Utah, throughout the United States, and worldwide.

Melissa Sternfield

Managing Partner

Melissa Sternfield has been practicing as a real estate lawyer since 2000, with an emphasis on commercial development, acquisition, disposition, leasing, and financing.

Stacey Chapman


Ms. Chapman specializes in commercial leasing, commercial development, acquisition and disposition, and general contract law. 

Articles & Resources

It is amazing what a good lease form can do. It reduces review time and cuts legal fees. It is a pleasure to read (at least when you are a lease geek like me), and ultimately it will make enforcement and interpretation of the lease much […]
I recently spoke with a friend about my family’s plans for taking a vacation. I lamented the difficulty of traveling with small children. It can be so daunting, sometimes we end up not going anywhere. So she suggested I search online for a condo or a […]
1. It’s usually on someone else’s land. Whether the wind farm development will be located on agricultural land, mining property, government land or any other type of real property, a developer needs the right to use the land to house wind turbines, transmission lines and related […]
The Mile High City has received recognition from Forbes Magazine as one of 15 U.S. cities with “emerging” or “booming” downtowns, in large part due to the rebounding Denver commercial real estate market.Location MattersA critical factor for businesses determining where to relocate or expand is the […]
SNDA is the acronym for Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement. It generally arises in the context of a lease agreement for commercial property. Most commercial leases provide that the lease is automatically subordinate to all liens and encumbrances placed on the leased premises by the landlord […]
In the current economy there are opportunities to sublease office space at favorable rates and terms.When it comes to commercial leasing, the challenge for potential subtenants is to avoid the dangers of subleasing from a distressed tenant by asking specific questions, and also strengthening the language […]